Five books that are related to the show have been published. Interesting How I Met Your Mother Facts How I Met Your Mother is based on Craig Thomas and Carter Bays ’ friendship that lived in New York. Are you Lily, Robin, Ted, Marshall or Barney? It's a count down leading to the bad news, How I Met Your Mother: The Pineapple Incident, How I Met Your Mother: The Magician's Code: Part 1, How I Met Your Mother: How Your Mother Met Me, How I Met Your Mother: Belly Full of Turkey, How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap, How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra, How I Met Your Mother: The End of the Aisle, How I Met Your Mother: Sandcastles in the Sand. The extras in the background of many of the bar scenes, are doing things that relate to the current episode. The lessons in the show are life-changing and many of us took something worth remembering from it. Quiz: The 'How I Met Your Mother' Quiz: HowStuffWorks Animals Cars, Trucks & Engines TV, Film & Music All About You! After a total of 208 episodes across nine seasons, the beloved sitcom finally came to a close in March 2014. How well do you know the How I Met Your Mother gang?? Play How I Met Your Mother quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. TOUGH. Our "How I Met Your Mother" Quiz will test how well you know Ted Mosby and his friends, their favorite bar, McLaren's Pub, and their love for the city of New York. 20. In the DVD commentary for the Pilot episode, As it started to gain momentum, "How I Met Your Mother" was often criticized for copying, An on-going joke in the show is that nobody ever finds out what Barney (. 15. This series was nominated for 28 Emmy and won nine awards out of 28. Legendary quiz on the first season of the totally awesome show How I Met Your Mother. More quiz info >> First submitted: October 1, 2012: Times taken: Marshall's school is shown in the flashback and it has Quebec's provincial flag on the post and a official blue government building identification panel next to the door. How I Met Your Mother was renewed for a seventh and eighth season on March 1, 2011. It was influenced by the writers strike. An up-to-date quiz of How I Met Your Mother, seasons 1-9. Quotes Chris Elliott's (Mickey) daughter Abby Elliott was also on the show a few times. 2 is considered by many fans as the spiritual ending to the show even though it leaves some unanswered questions. In the season 6 episode, 'Bad News', numbers 1-50 can be spotted in the background in descending order. Challenge your friends to … For ten years, we all anxiously watched to see who Ted Mosby would end up marrying. How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest comedies to ever air on television. In the season 6 episode 'Bad News' numbers 1-50 can be spotted in descending order. What does Ted not tell Robin while meeting James (Barney's Brother)? Obviously, one of the questions will NOT be "Who Is The Mother? The two-part finale was the show's most-watched but lowest rated episodes. How I Met Your Mother was renewed for a ninth and final season on December 22nd, 2012, with an official announcement made by CBS on January 30th, 2013. How I Met Your Mother Trivia. How Well Can You Remember "How I Met Your Mother"? Please answer this question. Marshall (, The Mother's name was actually spoken in the first season at the end of the episode, The character of Ranjit speaks fluent Persian (Farsi). Send us a screenshot to @wordanova or upload it as your story and tag @wordanova on Instagram and get featured on our story. The show's opening theme song and the photos displayed during it differ in only four episodes throughout nine seasons. Trivia about things that happened to Marshall and Lily. Fanpop has How I Met Your Mother trivia questions. difficult but all questions are in the show. 2030. It's varied questions from easy to extremely hard! which translated means: "Ducks can swim, ducks can walk, ducks can fly, dude what more can you ask from this poor animal?". The finished episode is later shown to an audience, and their reactions are recorded and added for broadcast. How I Met Your Mother Trivia Quiz -1. by ugur [zombify_post] Related posts: Which 'How I Met Your Mother' Character Are You. Cancel reply. Nominated. You get a slap to the face for each one you miss! Because of the numerous scenes and the quick-cut nature of the show's visual style, the show is filmed without the traditional live studio audience. We’ve combed through those details to create the hardest How I Met Your Mother trivia quiz you’ll ever take. In season 4 when referring to the child he hired to act as his son, Barney makes a comment how child actors were better in the 80s. Please note that this is a new quiz with little or no feedback rating from the Absurd Trivia community of players. A possible future occupation for Marshall is implied by his name, since he was elected to the New York Supreme Court. It’s approaching seven years since How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode. The show's opening theme song and the photos displayed during it differ in only four episodes throughout nine seasons. Ted (. One ongoing joke is that a favorite topic is "Who is Ted's 'best friend'". Also, all three of these justices were on the Court for 34 years, the first two ending with their respective deaths and the third with his retirement. | Ex: One episode where Ted uses sign language, the girl in the bar later on uses sign language. If you watch throughout the episodes, you can see Robin (. Complete this dialogue of Barney Stinson in his pickup through bearing the personality of American … We spent almost a … This quiz involves the … Four people in Marshall's family have names that start with Mar: Marshall (, According to the Season 1 episode "Zip, zip, zip" Ted (, The Royal Diner that can be seen in the background of some street episodes is the same as the one seen on the show, On the Still Buffering podcast, HIMYM guest star, Unlike her gun-loving character Robin, in real life guns make, In the earlier episodes of HIMYM, Robin (, In season 4 while they are debating if Ted (, In the S01E14 "Zip, Zip, Zip" is claimed that Lily (, In season 8 episodes 11 & 12 the new GNB building opens up, however they never seem to move into the building. In season 09 episode 05, there is a flashback scene where Ted is dressed as a "thank you note" for halloween. Theme Quizzes… Find out now! 6.33. 2. Not many shows have been able to recreate the magic that Friends did in the '90s, but How I Met Your Mother came pretty damn close. In what year is Ted talking to his kids and narrating the episodes? We also have special sets for the main characters of the show: 1. Test your knowledge of How I met your Mother with this ultimate quiz! Questions are from the first 5 seasons and are fairly out there. The husbands of three of the main actors have appeared on the show, each time as the significant other of another main actor. Love & Relationships Sports Trivia General Trivia The World The 'How I Met Your Mother' Quiz. The Wiki Rule: The How I Met Your Mother Wiki. Required fields are marked * All you have to do is start a game and go right ahead. (Actually, the highest court in New York is known as the New York Court of Appeals). In "Rabbit or Duck", he says "Morrghabe mitoune shena kone, morrghabe mitoune ghadam bezane, morrghabe mitouneh parvaz kone, baba az in heyvoune badbakht chi mikhay?" Season 4 is the first season to contain 24 episodes. Challenge accepted? This is a Shout-Out in and of itself—Carl MacLaren is a member of the HIMYM crew. It's actually a provincial health management office in Montreal. We hope you liked this quiz on How I Met Your Mother. This Quiz is a combination of all seasons of the series. Test your How I Met Your Mother mettle. on Tuesday, November 17th starting at 7:00pm (By announcing the time, you ruin the suspense. In season 6 episode 6, Marshall is talking about a girl named Tara he knew back in high school. Most of the websites featured in the show such as,, and are real websites. We'll be in the final hour of the countdown, so be sure to play How I Met Your Mother Trivia - Slapsgiving brought to you by Pinstripes! We want to test you with these questions and find out … HIMYM persona quiz. When How I Met Your Mother was on the air, TV viewers spent the better part of a decade following Ted Mosby’s journey through New York City and the world of modern dating in an effort to find “the one” and fall in love and get married and have kids. Yep, you guessed it - you've landed in our How I Met Your Mother quiz category. There's a How I Met Your Mother quiz for everyone. Check out our popular trivia games like How I Met Your Mother, and How I Met Your Mother (Part 1) Easy An up-to-date quiz of How I Met Your Mother, seasons 1-9. There are only 18 times throughout the entire series that Barney (. The "How I Met Your Mother" Trivia Challenge. Just some random questions about How I Met Your Mother seasons 1-8, Quiz about How I Met Your Mother covering seasons 1 to 6, Questions all about HIMYM plus Barney and Robin's relationship. Questions are from the first 5 seasons and are fairly out there. A short unofficial 20 question trivia quiz about the hit CBS TV show, How I Met Your Mother. Justice John Marshall was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835, Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan was on the court from 1877-1911, and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall served from 1967-1991. There are 13 interventions done in the series. This is the countdown until Lily tells Marshall about his father's heart attack. Ted Mosby 2. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Spread the love. BuzzFeed Staff … | The series' creators joke that the long set-up time between scenes would cross the line from "studio audience" to "hostage situation.". In the episode where Ted helps Victoria run away from her wedding, he says he can't climb the drain pipe. She played Ted's crazy girlfriend Jeannette towards the end of the series. How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Which HIMYM Character Are You? Poor Ted has been through a lot of heartbreak, but that’s what happens when you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, and that’s exactly what Ted and all his girlfriends did. Soundtracks. How I Met Your Mother Quiz: The Legendary Edition. Portrayed as a hopeless and helpless romantic, the show’s purpose was to show how Ted met the mother. This includes the now famous, "The Bro Code" and "The Playbook". Did you get 15/15 on this quiz? Before being picked up for another season, the writers planned for Victoria (, 4/5 members of the group had dad problems. Marshall 3.Robin 4.Lily 5.Barney Stinson. In the song "Let's Go to the Mall", sung by Robin, there is a line says that she meets a boy in the food court that has a hair style like Wayne Gretzky. For more such fun quizzes, click here. The results are guaranteed to be legen…wait for it…dary! 7.5. expert how i met your mother. Each character in the series has had their own musical number except Lily (, Whenever two characters get in a physical altercation, the song 'Murder Train' by Robin (. Your email address will not be published. The book contains 21 sets of high quality quizzes covering all the ten seasons from the epic show "How I Met your Mother". HIMYM Random Questions. The mother's first name is already mentioned in season 1 episode 9, when a stripper tells Ted (, Had the show not been picked up after season 1, they would've ended it with Victoria (. In Season 9, Episode 18, the origin of where the nickname "Big Fudge" is finally revealed. All subsequent seasons had 24 episodes. Trivia quiz questions on the television comedy, How I Met Your Mother, A quiz on Marshall from the show from seasons 1 and 2. Ted dated 29 different women Photo: Connections That actually happened to Neil Patrick Harris which is where Carter Bays … Last updated: October 1, 2012. All episodes after that with scenes at GNB still show Barney (, In season 6 episode 4 (Subway Wars) Ted (, The season 7 finale Magicians Code Pt. What was the name of Robin Sparkle's co-host while on the TV show Space Teens? There's much to know about this hilarious, multi-layered show, so we didn't want to give away too much in this intro. How I Met Your Mother has a separate fanbase. Even though it is already confirmed that it is Marshall (. But in season 9 he attempts to delete a text off of Lily's phone by climbing the drain pipe. Barney (. Tricky questions about Season 1 Episode 1. In the background you can see the slutty pumpkin, the female character Ted has been looking for every halloween. How much do you know about the gang in How I Met Your Mother. 48 different How I Met Your Mother Quizzes on If you think you know How I Met Your Mother, take this quiz! were created for charity and items from the show were auctioned off. 0 Comments. Famous for his suits in this series, Barney (, In the episode "Blitzgiving", the Blitz (, Ted always wanted kids and Robin didn't, when in reality, All apartments the gang have lived in have featured a Chinese Checkers board as art on their wall. See how well you do in the How I Met Your Mother quiz. Whenever Justice Marshall Erickson is named to the SCOTUS, it may be understand his tenure as being 34 years long. | Along the way, he dated some girls who were great (Victoria) and some who were terrible (Stella). Crazy Credits Luckily, someone does keep count, and we have some interesting and fun facts to test your knowledge of How I Met Your Mother. Test your knowledge of How I met your Mother with this ultimate quiz! You have shown your hand!) 13. What did Lily dress as while pregnant with Daisy? | Rate: Nominate. Quiz by drq489. 5. The episode provides enough closure and is a much happier ending that fans have accepted it as a better series finale, In this episode Marshall says he hit 6'4" in the 5th grade and stopped growing, but in season 7's "The Broath" he states he didn't hit his growth spurt until 10th grade. In "The Goat" he says to Barney was "na mard, na looti, na rafigh; akhe age oon doost dokhtare man bood ke..." Roughly translated, this means: "Inhuman, traitor, non-friend; if she was my ex-girlfriend, I would put my hands around your neck...".

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