Fact 1 Delaware is known as the “Diamond State”. [1], 4. Thank you! Delegates from the 13 original colonies often met at the Golden Fleece Tavern to review the draft, eventually coming to an agreement on 7 Dec 1787. 7. © 2020 TheFactFile.Org. Delaware shares a semi-circular border with Pennsylvania. The blood of these creatures is used by medical researchers to test intravenous drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation (450 feet) of any state. The state is also nicknamed the “First State”.[1]. The state’s capital is Dover. The tavern no longer stands, but there’s a commemorative marker on its original site. Interesting facts about Delaware. Did you know that Annie Jump Cannon, born in Dover, classified more than 225,000 stars? 2. Delaware is the third most bike-friendly state in the U.S. 21. This article will talk 10 interesting facts about Delaware for you. At least 11,500 years ago people were living in the area now called Delaware. The capital city of Delaware is Dover. Right now, ... #2 The Motto and State Seal of Delaware. Fact 3 Unlike all the other states in the United States, Delaware does not have any National Parks systems. Delaware was the first to fly the first Betty Ross U.S. flag in 1777. What are your favorite Delaware fun facts? See the full list of the 50 states and their borders here. But… did you know any of the following? Delaware Colony was part of the Middle Colonies and played a pivotal role in the ratification of the Declaration of Independence.It was originally settled by the Swedish and Dutch under the leadership of Peter Minuit, but fell under English control in the mid-17th century.. Fun Facts and Illustrious Information about Delaware • How did Delaware get its name? February 21, 2018 Places. If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: Or three Tyrannosaurus Rex. I learned about Fort Delaware on a school field trip, I heard the DuPont story more times than I could count, and I thought I had pretty much seen everything there is to see. Did you know... Delaware is the second smallest state, with a land area of 1,948 sq. Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city. Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution on December 7, 1787, five days before any other province or... 3. It is an interesting fact to note here that in DE there are more than a million registered corporations, meaning there are more corporations than people. Fact 2 The state flower of Delaware is the “Peach Blossom”. Facts about Delaware 2: the economy in … The official state tree is the “American Holly”. The US Virgin Islands have 174 miles of coast, and Guam only has 110 miles of coast. It started as a tavern stop located midway on an old cart road linking Bohemia Landing in Maryland to Appoquinimink Creek in Odessa – hence the name Middletown. Delaware Bay is home to the largest population of horseshoe crabs in the world. In this video you can find seven little known facts about Delaware. The flag Betsy Ross created was first flown in Delaware. For all the proud historical landmarks achieved by your state's leaders, there are countless bizarre moments of which you can be equally proud. Main Campus: Newark, Delaware Established: 1743 Motto: Knowledge is the light of the mind President: Dennis Assanis Employees: 4,759 UD is a land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant university, tackling the biggest challenges facing our state, nation and the world. Delaware is one of the smallest states in the USA. Delaware is often called the Small Wonder - here are some interesting facts about the First State! Everyone is always saying you can fit "x number of Delawares" into states, counties, countries... well, we could hold nearly 37 Washington, D.C.s! Did you know that after Rhode Island, Delaware it is the second smallest state in the United States? Ebright Azimuth – 447.85 ft. above sea level near Ebright Road in New Castle County is the highest elevation in DE. Did you know that DE has the largest population of horseshoe crabs in the world? [31], 26. She classified stars according to their temperature. 9 Incredible, Almost Unbelievable Facts About Delaware 1. There are three counties in Delaware. Why the Irish? [23], 6. 25 Fun Facts about Delaware. [1], 23. Check other interesting facts about Delaware below: Facts about Delaware 1: counties. Colorado has the highest mean elevation (14,440 feet) of all the states.[2]. All Rights Reserved. Long before Georgia was the land of the peach, Delaware farms produced more than any other location in the world. Henry Heimlich, inventor of the life-saving Heimlich maneuver, was born in Wilmington. One of Delaware's most important transportation arteries is the Chesapeake and Delaware Cana l, which has been deepened and straightened for ocean shipping. It is home to the headquarters of 3 of the Top 20 broiler-producing companies in the country. Building a list of Interesting Facts about Delaware was high on my list when I pulled together my homeschool curriculum for the United States this year. These laws are declared to be part of the law books here in Delaware. If you pay attention to the geography of the state, Delaware is 96 miles long and varies from 9 to 35 miles in width. Over 50% of publicly traded companies in the U.S. are incorporated in Delaware - that's well over 1,000,000 businesses. How big is Delaware: 2,044 square miles Most of Delaware is on the Atlantic Coastal plain. There are a lot of absurd laws beleaguered all over the internet. 2. Read up about more things that come from Delaware here! Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city.[1]. There was no dominating religion like in the New England Colonies and religious tolerance made the area attractive to those who were not purists. Miles the Monster weighs as much as 4,000 cats.. Or three Tyrannosaurus Rex. The majority (almost 91%) of the population of Delaware age 5 years and older speak only English at home. Delaware is one of the five states in the United States that do not impose a state sales tax. Building a list of Interesting Facts about Delaware was high on my list when I pulled together my homeschool curriculum for the United States this year. The state attained statehood on December 7, 1787, becoming the 1st state to join the union. Fact 2 The state flower of Delaware is the “Peach Blossom”. The Methodist Church of America was organized in Delaware. Middletown, despite not having a navigable waterway itself, still traces its roots to water-borne trade. Kim Magaraci graduated Rutgers University with a degree in Geography and has spent the last seven years as a freelance travel writer. While nobody's exactly admitted it, drawings and works by DC comics editor Paul Kupperberg suggest that Metropolis is actually located in Delaware. Fun facts about Delaware and Kent County! Fun Facts about Delaware. 3. The coastline of Delaware is approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles) long. Did you know that there is a county named “Delaware County” in Pennsylvania?[13]. This includes no historic sites, battlefields, or national parks. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Did you know that several ships have been named USS Delaware in honor of Delaware? 22. Plan on … Interesting Delaware Facts Although Delaware is rich in history, it is the only state without a dedicated National Park and has just 13 national historical landmarks. In fact, the state of Delaware is located beside Maryland and below the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Dover has some interesting places to visit. Did you know that the world’s first Nylon plant was located in Seaford, Delaware? 1. 11. Yup, our largest monster is. The Du Pont Chemical Company (one of the world’s largest chemical companies) plays a significant role in Delaware’s economy. Interestingly, in 1776, the deciding vote for the American Independence was cast by Caesar Rodney who had to ride eighty miles to Philadelphia through rain and thunder.[28]. Summer is nearly a memory in 2015's rear view mirror, and the kids have been bored with everything for weeks. [19], 31. Delaware is actually situated in the Eastern portion of the country, near the Atlantic Ocean. [6], 33. Delaware State University (also called DSU, DESU, or Del State) is a public university in Dover, Delaware.It is a historically black university. Who knows, but the DuPonts could make it happen. About 1785 American inventor Oliver Evans invented and promoted the process of continuous process milling. Henry Hudson, sailing under the Dutch flag, is credited with Delaware’s discovery in 1609.[5]. Flag: Adopted on July 24, 1913, the Delaware state flag has a background of colonial blue surrounding a diamond of buff color in which the coat of arms of the state is placed. 12. With an average elevation of only 60 feet, Delaware is … We have moved down to Delaware in our search for the dumb laws from Connecticut. Interesting Facts about Delaware Funny Laws & Silly Stuff for Your Road Trip Plans Interesting facts about Delaware will have your sides hurting from laughing so hard. 1. Love Delaware? It’s the sixth smallest in total population and sixth most densely populated state in … Delaware Facts and Trivia Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States constitution. Here is one of the more intriguing interesting facts about Delaware: while it is the second smallest state in the country, it was the very first state to join the country. On the other hand, Texas (254 counties) has the most number of counties in the United States. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the constitution of the United States. Check out this list of great fun facts about Delaware to help you with your road trip plans. (Rhode Island is the smallest.) Outnumbered 4-to-1, the Revolutionaries suffered defeat and retreated back to Wilmington. 4. Delaware is one of the only five states without a sales tax. Delaware is also corporate heaven because of its business-friendly corporation laws. Boy, was I wrong! Delaware big blue hen. Nearly 5% of the state’s population speaks Spanish. Delaware (nicknamed: the First State, the Small Wonder, the Blue Hen State) has 3 counties. The state takes its name from the river and the bay. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation of all the U.S. states, at 18.3 meters (60 feet). This happened during the Revolutionary War when British and American forces engaged in the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge. miles. In the 2006 film "Superman Returns," the Metropolis license plates bear the slogan, "The First State.". With an area of only 1,982 sq mi (5,130 km2), Delaware is the smallest state after Rhode Island. Interesting facts about Delaware where more than 66% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated. John Dickinson’s childhood home is preserved in Delaware. If you’re in the same boat, you might enjoy some of these little known Delaware facts that I’ve dug up over the past few months. Still, the experience earned in course of the crash did come in handy later on. Delaware is a relatively small state in size, especially when compared with most other states, and is situated on the east coast of the US in the Mid-Atlantic region, bordered to the south and west by Maryland, north by Pennsylvania, and east by New Jersey. Wilmington was once home to Bob Marley, the godfather of reggae. People who live in DE or who come from Delaware are referred to as Delawareans. First settled by the Dutch in 1631, Lewes is the first town in the first state. University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716 USA ; P: 302-831-2792 ©2020 University of Delaware Comments. This is the reason why it is important for us to know more about this wonderful state, especially the interesting facts about Delaware. Courts ruled out reverting to the original lines, and Seaford officially became part of the Diamond State. The first known inhabitants of the region we now call Delaware were the Lenni Lenape and the Nanticoke, tribes that... 2. [10], 27. Over the years Delaware has adopted a whole host of different nicknames; The First State, The Blue Hen State, The … [3], 14. Here are some more facts about Delaware that you probably didn’t know Delaware was admitted to the union on December 7, 1787, becoming the first-ever official state! A state with so much rich history–you’re not going to want to miss all the fun things in this homeschool study unit-resource. Facts about Dover Delaware 5: the largest employer The state government is considered as the largest employer in Dover. Dover played a pivotal role in shaping the US Constitution. 10. Interesting Delaware Facts Although Delaware is rich in history, it is the only state without a dedicated National Park and has just 13 national historical landmarks. Though, there are many laws … #4 The Official State Bug of Delaware. [12], 24. Yup, our largest monster is really big. There are numerous fascinating details to uncover when exploring the interesting facts about Delaware. The state of Delaware is named after the Delaware River, which was named after Lord de la Warr, the governor for life of Jamestown. [30], 28. [29], 29. [18], 19. Moving into the city in 1965, he resided at 2313 N... 3. Don't give up. They’re thought to have come from Asia by way of a land bridge that’s now underwater. However, due to its small size, it is also the sixth most densely populated of the fifty states of the U.S.[1,15], 16.

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