Some lanes were closed at mile marker 94 just past MD-222 (exit 93) in the Perryville area and at mile marker 98 prior to MD-272 (exit 100) in the North East area. September 5, 2020 . A Springfield woman was injured in a two-vehicle wreck at 5:40 p.m. Nov. 21 on Interstate 44, 12 miles west of Lebanon. Wreck on I5 this morning South of Red Bluff. Six people, including three children, were injured in yesterday's rollover crash on northbound Interstate 5 at the No. Jan 16 2021 6:54PM. Weather, more weather and patting yourselves on the back for your great coverage!! Current I-5 Washington Traffic Conditions. © 2019-2020 All rights reserved. FEDERAL WAY, Wash -- Seven vehicles were involved in a massive wreck on I-5 early Tuesday morning, snarling the early morning commute in the South Sound. 1 flown to hospital after 3-vehicle wreck on U.S. 12 in Thurston County Local These Thurston County roads are closed due to flooding, trees falling into power lines FIRE REPORTING SUSPECT WAS ON CAPITOLA X 7TH - SGT WAS FLAGGED DOWN AND TOLD SUSPECT IS NEAR GREY BEARS, [CHP]-PER NETCOM SO ARRIVED ON SCENE WITH SUSPECT AT 1740 7TH AVE / HASNT ADVISED CODE 4 (SITUATION UNDER CONTROL) YET, SV DRIVER WHITE-MALE-ADULT 30S-40S 5-8 260 LBS LRG BEARD LAST SEEN WEARING BROWN HOODIE SWEATSHIRT BLACK JEANS WALKED AWAY FM VEHICLE AT 7TH/RODRIGUEZ, NET COM STARTING FIRE FOR SV AT 7TH AT RODRIGUEZ, SV OLDER BLUE CHEVROLET PICK-UP TRUCK - SMOKE COMING FROM VEHICLE, PARTY WITNESS TO A HIT AND RUN - MISDEMEANOR VEHICLE, North bound 101 just South of - Templeton, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 11:30AM, A9-001 NOT 3A// WEST COAST EN ROUTE ETA 20, A9-001 INQUIRE WITH AAA ON ETA -- POSS WEST COAST, TOYOTA RAV4 VS UNKNOWN VEHICLE // NOW PARKED AT SHELL GAS STATION, PARTY I N TESLA MODEL 3--BLU VS CHEVROLET EQUOX GRAY BLOCKING, North bound 605 AT LIVE OAK - Baldwin Park, A81-651 VEHICLE MOVED TO RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, 81-651 / TURNING FOR VEHICLE IN CENTER DIVIDER - NORTH BOUND 605 AT LIVE OAK, US101 N / LINDERO CANYON road - West Valley, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION NO INJURY TO HIT AND RUN NO INJURIES BY CHP, PARTY ADVISE ROCK FELL OUT OF A TRUCK HIT HIT WINDSHIELD, South bound 605 just North of 60 - East LA, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:17PM, [CHP]-RP RECALLED BOTH VEHICLES ON RIGHT SHOULDER STANDBY FOR UNIT, SILVER SUV VS WHITE FORD F150 // VEHICLES AT CENTER DIVIDER, CALLER STATES TREES ON FIE ON RIGHT SHOULDER, CAHUENGA on ramp TO East bound 134 - Altadena, [CHP]-PER DUPE CALLER MALE WEARING GREEN COAN AND CARRYING A BACKPACK IS RUNNING EAST BOUND ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER AWAY FROM THE FIRE, BLACK-MALE-ADULT LAST SEEN WEARING BANDANA GREEN JACKET HOLDING BOTTLE WALKING ON RIGHT SHOULDER AWAY FROM FIRE, [CHP]-FBA - LAST SEEN WEARING GRAY OR BLACK TRENCH COAT AND WHITE BANDANA - POSS SET FIRE - WALKING EAST BOUND ON RIGHT SHOULDER TOWARD PASS AVE, ESCONDIDO on ramp TO North bound 14 - Newhall, BLACK VEHICLE --DRIVER SITTING IN VEHICLE UNKNOWN PROBLEM--, East bound 10 just East of HOLT - Baldwin Park, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:06PM, A81-571 MOVED VEHICLE TO VIA VERDE JUST SOUTH OF 10 / TOW TRUCK HONDA CIVIC 4D WITH UNKNOWN ENG, BLACK SUV AND GRAY VEHICLE (ELDERLY FEMALE ) - BLOCKING # 3 LANE, FREEWAY SERVICE PATROL HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210118LAFSP00008], CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:58PM, VEHICLE TRAFFIC COLLISION INTO FIRE HYDRANT // GUSHING WATER, PARTY IN WHITE HONDA ACCORD VS BLUE RAM PICK-UP TRUCK, East bound 10 just West of FAIRPLEX - Baldwin Park, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:50PM, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION AMBULANCE ENROUTE TO TRAFFIC COLLISION MINOR INJURY BY CHP, 81-107 / SOLO VEHICLE ACCIDENT, MINOR INJURIES, 1039 CAL COACH 9095953584 20/LESS FLATBED TOW TRUCK, FREEWAY SERVICE PATROL HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210118LAFSP00006], PARTY SAW TRAFFIC COLLISION FROM WEST BOUND SIDE, 1039 LACO FIRE DEPARTMENT # 77 / INC# 3345, GOLD CHEVROLET SUBURBAN - O/TURNED ON RIGHT SHOULDER, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:21PM, DUE TO CALTRANS PACHING POTHOLES IN #5 LANE, West bound SR91 just East of BELLFLOWER BLVD - Santa Fe Springs, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:11PM, 83-90 DISREGARD FIRE ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE, WHITE TRUCK TOWING VEHICLE VS MOTORCYCLE VS UNKNOWN VEHICLE // RIDER DOWN ON GROUND, WILMINGTON just South of Relay message - Santa Fe Springs, POINT OF IMPACT BELLFLOWER ON RAMP TO WEST BOUND RELAY MESSAGE, PARTY WILMINGTON OFF WEST BOUND RELAY MESSAGE ON RIGHT SHOULDER BY THE CURB, East bound 210 just West of IRWINDALE - Baldwin Park, A81-201 CAL TRANSITION ROAD PATCHING POTHOLE - DISREGARD SIG ALERT, TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT CENTER COPIES SIGALERT - 1039 MEDIA, 81-201 / START SIG ALERT FOR 90 MINS WHILE CAL TRANSITION ROAD PATCHES POTHOLE IN #5 LANE - #5 AND 6 LANES CONED OFF, 81-201 / 97 EAST BOUND 210 JUST WEST OF IRWINDALE - BLOCKING OFF #5 AND 6 LANES FOR LARGE POTHOLE - REQ CAL TRANSITION ROAD, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 8:22AM, [CHP] HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210116LA00530], [CHP] HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210116LA00531], CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:20AM, SIGALERT IN IRWINDALE: EAST BOUND I-210 WEST OF IRWINDALE AVE - #5 AND 6 LANES BLOCKED 1.5 HOURS DUE TO A TRAFFIC HAZARD - LOG 1379, West bound 198 AT South bound 99 - Visalia, [CHP]-1039 VPD, A/C IS NOT 10-8. The crash was reported at 2:09 a.m. when Phillip Reich, the 47-year-old Covington man driving the big rig called to report that he had hit someone. NOPE. See More. The fatal crash happened around 6:30 a.m. on I-95 near Perryville. At least 14 people could be banned from flying with Alaska Airlines ... after violating its mask policy on a flight to Sea-Tac Airport. 10 Freeway Accident Today I-5 Accident I5 Crash Today 5 Freeway Highway 99 Accident Today 91 Freeway Accident Today I-5 Crash Semi Accidents Freeway Car Accidents Fatal Traffic Accidents Semi Truck Accidents Fatal Car Accident Washington State Seattle I 5 Los Angeles Car Accident I-405 Accident On I 5 Southbound Today Bus Crashes Logging Truck Accident Big Truck Accident 210 Freeway … Jan 16 2021 6:37PM. I5 N just South of BROADWAY SNA - Santa Ana . Rochester ; Washington; I-5 South; By Anonymous; 86; 12 hours ago; Traffic stand still. (WJZ) — All lanes have reopened along I-95 north in Cecil County Monday morning after two separate crashes, one of which was fatal, were reported. Jan 03, 2021 08:07am. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Video emerged Thursday of the deadly crash in south Sacramento on Interstate 5 on Tuesday that resulted in one fatality, three people injured and 11 vehicles involved in … VEHICLES RIGHT HAND SHOULDER . SEDAN ADVISE WHICH VEHICLE IS THE MALE IN THE FIELD IN ? Read More. A man was killed and three people were injured in a nine-vehicle crash Tuesday on Interstate 5 in south Sacramento, officials said. Accident? ID: 210116OC00383. [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION - UNKNOWN INJURY TO TRAFFIC COLLISION AMBULANCE ENROUTE BY CHP, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:30PM, AND INQUIRE WHERE VEHICLE WAS TAKEN FROM, [CHP]-LOYAL TOW LL / ARRIVED ON SCENE WITH CHP / 10-22 @ SCENE / REQNG BACK ON TOP, RAN BEHIND LARGE BLDG ACROSS FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION / ON 46TH, VEHICLE WENT THRU ONE FENCE AND CAME OUT THRU ANOTHER VEHICLES, 2-BMAS / #1 - LAST SEEN WEARING BLACK PANTS / #2 - TALL AND SKINNY, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:25PM, A44-110 2 VEHICLE ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE, WAP TOW ETA WITH FLATBED TOW TRUCK IS 10-15 MINS, DEBRIS TRAFFIC HAZARD / VEHICLES ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, PRTYS OUT OF VEHICLES / APPEARS ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE, BLUE CHEVROLET S10 PICK-UP TRUCK VS TAN PICK-UP TRUCK, PER ANOTHER 2 VEHICLES // ON RIGHT SHOULDER, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 7:21AM, 1039 EDSO RELATED TO LOG127 NO CLOSURE ABOVE LOCATION REQUESTED, A44-004 CODE 4 (SITUATION UNDER CONTROL) ROADWAY OPEN APPROX 10-15MINS, ROAD CLOSURE //NO SIGNS OR TRAFFIC CONTROL, ATT PUT IN CLOSURE ON EAST END // ETO APPROX 4HRS, 44-4 TREE CLEARDED OUT // PHONES LINES HANGING DOWN // ATT 97 WORKING ON LINES AND TWO POLES TO REPLACE // 3 HR CLOSURE TO COMPLETE // CLOSED TILL NOON // CORDS PUT IN CLOSURE // POSTING UNTIL CLEAR APPROX 1200, [CHP]-CORDS EN ROUTE TO CLEAR LINES ETA 10 OR LESS, 1039 EDSO ADVISE NEG POWER LINE /PHONE LINES, A44-004 NEG POWER INVOLVED // ADVISE ATT // CORDS 97 // 2.5 FT DIAMETER TREE BLOCKING ALL LANES, PER CDF // 97 - SINGLE PSGR VEHICLE FULLY INVLVD - ABANDONED VEHICLE, ANOTHER ABANDONED VEHICLE VEHICLE IN AREA, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:00PM, 7-068 CABLE CUT // NOW ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, 7-068 CONTRACTOR HAS LINES HELD UP W/EXCAVATOR // REQ CDF RESPONDING TO CUT WIRES AND CLEAR ROADWAY, 7-068 NEG POLE # // IN FRONT OF 9429 SR20, UNKNOWN DESCRIPTION OF SEMI - POSS A HAY HAULER, ORG LOG 210116UK00050 - CLOSED AT 1709 HRS, NOTE LEFT ON VV THAT SAYS DODGE PICK-UP TRUCK HIT YOUR VEHICLE, S/B 395 just North of Honey Lake Rest Area - Susanville, *** 1039 OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES SPILL# 21-0270, SUBSTANCE IDENTIFIED AS MISC VEHICLE FLUIDS. Today at 9:20 AM. Warning: The above video may be difficult content for some to watch. WILL ONLY RESPONDING FOR A SICK OR INJURY ONLY, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 9:42AM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:16AM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:19PM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:34PM, SV RED OR BROWN SEMI TRUCK W/DUMP TL MEILINHO AND SONS TRUCKING, TRUCK WAS TAGGED BY MANAGEMENT WHEN IT WAS INSIDE THE PARK AND SUBJECTS NOW PARKED IT ALONG ROADWAY 2 DAYS AGO, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 10:00AM, A48-055 27 TRANSITION ROAD TO DRS FOR MINOR, A48-055 TOW TRUCK FOR BLACK TOYOTA COROLLA DOWN EMBANMKMENT 30 FT OF CABLE, PER SRCC FIRE 97 NORTH BOUND 1 MILE JUST SOUTH OF WESTLEY TURN OUT // ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE DRIVER REFUSED AMBULANCE, North bound 99 just North of W 16TH - Merced, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 6:59AM, 64-S3 #2 CLOSED UNTIL APPROX 1800 / MAYBE BEFORE, S3 REQ TO ADVISE ENTAC THAT ONCE CALTRANS GOES 97 WE WILL HAVE TO CLOSE SLOW LANE FOR EXTENDED PERIOD FOR REPAIRS, 64-S3 REQ CALTRANS TO ALSO BRING ABSORBENT, DIESEL SPILL BUT NEG HAZMAT, A64-002 ADVISE TOW TRUCK ALL 4 TIRES ARE MESSED UP ON THE TRCTR, A64-002 ACTIVATE SIGNS FOR SLOW TRAFFIC ACCIDENT AHEAD, A64-002 REQ TOW TRUCK TO BRING EXTRA ABSORBANT, A64-002 BIG RIG 40,000LBS MISSING BOTH RT SIDE TIRES ON THE TRCTR, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION - UNKNOWN INJURY TO TRAFFIC COLLISION NO INJURY, [CHP]-RIGGS CONF BIG RIG AT 99/FRANKLIN--- DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER UNIT AVAIL TO CHECK JUST NORTH OF APPLEGATE, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:02AM, VEHICLE LAST SEEN WEST BOUND TOWARD MORNING DR, SEVERAL NEIGHBORS KNOW THE SUSPECT VEHICLE AND DRIVER, SUSPECT VEHICLE / WHITE BOX TRUCK THAT STRUCK REPORTERS DOG / DOG IS POSSIBLE FATALITY, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:05AM, STATE ROUTE 119 CURRENTLY CLOSED AT 43 AND I5, SMALL CREAM COLOR DOG ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, TRVL TRAILER PARTIALLY TRAFFIC HAZARD IN LANES, 74-25 PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION Y5195146 VEHICLE 1430798 81067 UNI/IOWA, 1039 STATEWIDE TOW 951-682-9336 ***********, ONE IN CENTER DIVIDER 2 ON RIGHT SHOULDER, [198] [CHP]-USFS REQ UNIT SHUT DOWN #4 - NORTH BOUND 15 AT CLEGHORN, [192] 75-152 #5 LANE IS BLOCKED AT MILE MARKER 23.5, [191] ID-132 97 NORTH BOUND 15 MILE MARKER 24.2 - FIRE IS 97 HERE, [190] ID-110 FIRE NORTH BOUND JUST NORTH OF SR138 - A FEW FIRES 1/4 MILE APART, [189] PER DUP - JUST SOUTH OF OAK HILL THERES ANOTHER FIRE //XFR SBCOMM, [185] ID-132 REPORT OF ANOTHER FIRE JUST NORTH OF HIS LOCATION REQUESTED - JUST SOUTH OF OAK HILL, [182] A75-152 FIRE AT BLUE CUT UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE ALREADY HAS THIS FIRE OUT, [175] ID-132 FIRE IS 97 AT THIS FIRE AND WERE ABLE TO KNOCK IT DOWN ( NORTH BOUND 15 JUST NORTH OF SR138 ), [169] [CHP]-DUP ADVISE ANOTHER FIRE NORTH BOUND JUST SOUTH OF OAK HILL - JUST NORTH OF WHERE THE LAST UNIT IS 97 GOING NORTH BOUND, [117] 1039 SBCC POSS 3RD JUST SOUTH OF OAK HILL, ID-119 HAS VISUAL ADDTL FIRE 1 1/2 MILES NO SR138, PER DUP - SEP FIRE NOW JUST NORTH OF SR138 // XFR SBCOMM, FIRE NEAR THE SCALES , TRANSITION ROAD SBCC, BRUSH FIRE / PARTY SAW SMOKE AND FLAMES / ON RIGHT SHOULDER, PARTY SEES A LOT OF SMOKE COMING F/ RIGHT SHOULDER, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:32PM, SRT-851 97 EL MOLINO / LIVE OAK ADVISE SUSPECT VEHICLE WAS ON TOW TRUCK AND 851 NOW HAS TOW STOPPED, SV HONDA CIVIC SILVER / VEHICLE STALLED AT CORNER OF LIVE OAK AND VALLEY, VIC WHITE FORD EXPLORER / PARKED VEHICLE / REGISTERED OWNER NOT HOME, SIG ALERT NORTH BOUND I-15 JUST SOUTH OF OAK HILL RD., #5 LANE IS BLOCKED DUE TO BRUSH FIRE, APPROX 30 MINUTES SEE LOG 454, PARTY CHANGING TIRE IN CENTER DIVIDER AND HOV, North bound 5 ON OSO off ramp - Orange County FSP, North bound 5 ON OSO off ramp - Capistrano, North bound 5 just North of convertible REV GP - Orange County FSP, A113-055 NORTH BOUND 5 JUST NORTH OF CONVERTIBLE REV GP WHITE MERCEDES MALE OUT OF VEHICLE TO CHANG FLAT - TURNING AT OSO TO GET BEHIND HIM - REQ FREEWAY SERVICE PATROL, North bound 5 just North of convertible REV GP - Capistrano, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:05PM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:01AM, TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT CENTER MEDIA LINE IS OPEN (949)651-4555, East bound WINCHESTER on ramp TO North bound - Temecula, A115-031 ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE DISREGARD FIRE DEPARTMENT START TOW TRUCK, A115-031 EAST BOUND WINCHESTER ON RAMP TO NORTH BOUND, RED HONDA ACCORD SPUN OUT INTO RIGHT SHOULDER TOOK OUT A TRAFFIC SIGN POSS OTURN, PARTY STATED THAT THE DRIVER OF VEHICLE ORIGINAL TRYED TO LEAVE // WITN WAS ABLE TO ENSURE DRIVER WILL BE STANDBY F/CHP, 10 YEARS OF AGE DAUGHTER ON SCOOTER HIT BY VEHICLE, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:01PM, RD1 SAYING THEY WERE DISREGARDED BY ANOTHER DISPATCHER - UNKNOWN WHO - WILL BE EN ROUTE 25 MINUTE ETA, A108-016 START TOW TRUCK HD ON EXPEDITE FOR 53 FT BOX TL NO LOAD / POSS LOST CLUTCH, A108-016 WILL BE IN GP TOP OF 2ND ST OFF RAMP PARTIAL TRAFFIC HAZARD #3 EAST BOUND, HAS HIS DRIVER SIDE DOOR OPEN IN THE LANE, SEMI PART ON RIGHT SHOULDER AND PART IN THE LANE, South bound 805 AT PALOMAR DAR - San Diego, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:16PM, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TOW LL // ADVISE ROAD ONE TOOK THE DODGE SEDAN AND WERE DISREGARDED, 87-S4 HAVE OTHER UNITS W/OTHER INVOLVED VEHICLE TAKE PHOTOS, [CHP] HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210118BC00430], ***1039 TO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TOW 858 677 9300, 6; START TOW TRUCK TO RIGHT SHOULDER FOR DODGE CHL, ****1039 ROAD ONE FOR PATROL VEHICLE ****** 858-492-5252, A87-006 97 ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER JUST SOUTH OF PALOMAR ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER W/OTHER VEHICLE INVOLVED OUT W/1, ******LINE 10 - CANT SEE THEM BUT LOOKS LIKE ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, 87-D11 , D1 ONE VEHICLE RACING FURTHER JUST SOUTH OF OF OUR LOCATION CANT SEE THEM BUT LOOK /// 6 COPZ BREAK? View on Google Maps. Today at 10:20 AM. Are you in Phase 1 of Washington's vaccine plan? Fire on I5 today south of Cottonwood. KING 5. One person died, five people were injured, and one person left the scene of a crash on Interstate-5 Saturday morning. Jan 16 2021 6:53PM. New video shows how a deadly crash on Interstate 5 in south Sacramento unfolded Tuesday. Accident on I-5 South. KING 5. Anything on the news?? 5. Jan 16 2021 6:32PM. All lanes were reopened shortly after 4 p.m. A crash involving an overturned tanker and multiple vehicles has shut down all lanes of Interstate 5 in both directions near downtown Seattle. Know before you go Learn more about improvements to I-5 through JBLM and Lakewood on the project webpage. Maryland State Police said several vehicles were stopped due to another crash when a tractor trailer didn’t slow down and hit the stopped vehicles. 5 vehicles wreck on I-15 near Cedar City minutes after motorcycle crash. Maryland Man Bryan Betancur Arrested After GPS Monitor Places Him At US Capitol During Riots, Prosecutors Say, Safe Streets Leader Dante Barksdale Shot, Killed In Southeast Baltimore, Nearby Fire Triggers U.S. Capitol Lockdown, Inauguration Rehearsal Evacuation As Law Enforcement On High Alert, National Aquarium Reopens After It Was Shut Down For Social Distancing, Overcrowding Issues, Tommy Raskin, Son Of Rep. Jamie Raskin, Dies At Age 25, Girl Assaulted, Sustains Minor Injuries In Downtown Towson, Ravens Fans Blame Announcer Al Michaels For Jinxing Justin Tucker Vs. Bills, Wesley Allen Beeler Arrested Near U.S. Capitol With 500 Rounds Of Ammo, Loaded Gun, Baltimore Man Arrested After Refusing To Wear Mask In Glen Burnie Subway Restaurant, Catherine Pugh Asking For President Trump To Commute Sentence In 'Healthy Holly' Book Scandal. 1039 CALTRANS 262 VIC BACCALA 941-2625, ADVISE HE IS OUT OF TOWN, WILL ATTEMPT TO CONTACT - OR - ANYTHING CLOSE 262-1. All lanes have reopened along I-95 north in Cecil County Monday morning after two separate crashes, one of which was fatal, were reported. High 56F. I-5 Bridge South; I-5 Bridge North; I-205 @ SR-14 East; I-205 Bridge North; SR-14 @ Grand Ave Today at 9:00 AM. G20 - REQ TOW TRUCK. 1039 … Traffic jammed 3 miles so far. Standstill. A crash on Interstate 5 in the San Ysidro area led to serious injuries and snarled traffic in the area. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The moment of impact in a deadly crash involving 11 vehicles along Interstate 5 near Florin Road was caught on video. Both crashes remain under investigation, police said. The dramatic online footage shows the big rig traveling along Interstate 5 in south Sacrament… 70 gal of fuel has Jan 16 2021 6:33PM. Live Traffic Cams. Wild video captured a semi-truck’s deadly rampage down a California highway that claimed 11 cars. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. READ MORE: 2 Killed, 1 Injured In Crash That Shut Down Lanes Along Route 40 In Cecil County. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Morgan K. Ellis, 20, of Springfield, the driver of a westbound 2006 Chevrolet Equinox hydroplaned and traveled off the left side of the roadway. A Chehalis driver speeding on Interstate 5 near Maytown caused a six-vehicle crash Thursday blocking both north- and southbound lanes of the freeway for nearly five hours. MANZANITA X CYPRESS GOODWILL PLOT - North Sac, INVOLVED RED TOYOTA TRUCK VS DBLU SUBARU IMPOUND, West bound 80 just East of 65 - Auburn FSP, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:14PM, ROADSIDE SERVICE WONT RESPOND TO CENTER DIVIDER THROUGH BMW, North bound AUBURN FOLSOM AT TREELINE - Auburn, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:02PM, 112-80 COPIES / ADVISE ATT TRAFFIC HAZARD FOR BRAUER LANE / NOT COLONY, 1039 ATT / UNKNOWN ETA / ATT BUSY, STAND BY, A112-080 97 / PHONE LINE DOWN / NEG TRAFFIC HAZARD ON COLONY / ADVISE ATT /// UNIT 1023ING UNTIL ATT 97, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:40PM, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION AMBULANCE ENROUTE TO TRAFFIC COLLISION NO INJURY BY CHP, A112-090 CODE 4 (SITUATION UNDER CONTROL) / TOW TRUCK FOR 2, A112-090 2 VEHICLE / ACCIDENT, PROPERTY DAMAGE // TRYING TO CLEAR ROADWAY, WITNESS ADVISED VEHICLES BLOCKING AND PPL STANDING OUT OF VEHICLES, PARTY HEARD TRAFFIC COLLISION FROM HER OFC AT ABOVE LOCATION REQUESTED, RED PICK-UP TRUCK VS WHITE SEDAN // BLOCKING BOTH LANES, West bound BELL road X OLD AIRPORT - Auburn, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:35PM, 1039 MID SIERRA 530-888-8697 FOR CHEVROLET TAH, 1039 FOOTHILLS TOWING EN ROUTE W/FLT BD 530-637-4200, 283 START 1 TOW TRUCK VEHICLE 60-70FT OFF ROADWAY IN FIELD ;TOYT 4DR, 2 VEHICLES ON EAST BOUND SIDE ALL PARTIES OFF ROADWAY, 283 97 AAA SERVICE TRUCK 97 ASSSTING CLRNG ROADWAY. 3 commercial vehicles, 2 pass vehicles & 1 truck towing a trailer! Northbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Woodland reopened after a fatal crash early this morning involving a tractor-trailer and a pedestrian. Data provided by CHP. PERRYVILLE, Md. 1039 OCFA COPIES TO DISREGARD. * NOTE: The text above may have been modified from its original content to improve readability, as a result some errors may have been introduced. La Center - NB I5/MP15 - Multi-vehicle crash has right & center lanes BLOCKED! Roseburg, OR (97470) Today. Moments before the wreck, speeds were gauged at about 81 mph, according to, a website that maps Amtrak train locations … A truck driver was killed and three other people were injured Thursday in a major crash on Interstate 5 in Tacoma. All southbound lanes of I-5 were blocked in Maytown, south of Tumwater, after a multi-vehicle crash involving an overturned semi-truck. Written by Jeff Richards. Winds light and variable.. CONWAY, Wash. -- One person was killed and five others were injured in a massive wreck just outside a construction zone along I-5 south in Conway, according to … Check here to find out. /// D1 NOT DRIVABLE /// WILL NEED RESPONDING UNIT TO SHUT DOWN DAR /// 1 905 / 805 AND, 87-D11 WE ARE FACING WRONG WAY CENTER DIVIDER, ,,,,D11 2 VEHICLE RACING ONE HIT WALL AND TRAFFIC COLLISION INTO BACK OF MY PATROL VEHICLE - 87-S2 COPZ NEG AMBULANCE, I10 East WO OAK VALLEY MILE MARKER 5 - San Gorgonio Pass, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 4:43AM. 2 turn thru near Fort Tejon State Historic Park. Rochester ; Washington; I-5; By Anonymous; 111; 11 hours ago; Standstill for an hour Read More. 1039 METRO PRO * 714-556-4200 // 15-20 .0. Motorists should expect delays on northbound I-5 near Maytown in Thurston County after a semi-truck jackknifed, blocking traffic, according to the Washington State Patrol. I5 WA User Reports. A tow truck removes a wrecked … Mostly cloudy skies. I-5 Northbound - Beginning Monday, Jan. 4, until further notice: All freight trucks will encounter a traffic shift to use the center lane on northbound I-5 along the Lewis River Bridge, between mileposts 19.36 and 20.0, just south of Woodland. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. California Highway Patrol said, Tuesday … CR91 7 MILES NORTH OF Lookout Community of - Alturas, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 10:10AM, A60-025 98, SOLO VEHICLE 20002, 180/ SILVER HONDA CIVIC NO PLATES 22651B, 1039 PIONEER TOWING 530-233-4492, EXTENDED ETA, APROX 2 HR ETA, REQ TOW TRUCK VEHICLE ON WHEELS APPROX 30FT OFF THE ROADWAY, WHITE HONDA VEHICLE WRECKED AND IN THE DITCH ABANDONED VEHICLE, 1 WAY TRAFFIC CONTROL FOR REMOVAL OF TREES, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:21PM, BLUE TOYOTA / OH / TOW TRUCK ARRIVED ON SCENE / PART BLOCKING, South bound 880 just North of COLEMAN - San Jose, East bound 84 just East of UNIVERSITY - Hayward, East bound 84 just East of ALA CO LINE - Hayward, RESPONDING VEHICLE - WHITE TOYOTA TUNDRA - 7W57957 -- RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, BLOCKING SOUTH BOUND AND PART OF NORTH BOUND, REDWOOD just South of CVB - Castro Valley, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:08PM, 1039 CHAMBLESS AND SON TOW // 510-352-8085 *****, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION - UNKNOWN INJURY TO TRAFFIC COLLISION MINOR INJURY BY CHP, A143-020 REQ TOW TRUCK FOR NISSAN SUV MAJ FE, East bound 580 just West of SEMINARY AVE, 1MI - Oakland, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:13PM, EAST BOUND AT HIGH ST ON RIGHT HAND SHOULDER, 17-32 GOT CALL DIRECTLY FROM TOW COMPANY ASKING FOR DIRECT TRAFFIC, Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza - Opposite Side - Marin, PER ANOTHER // LIGHT POLE IN BLOCKING RT - SOUTH BOUND SIDE, [CHP]-PROBLEM CHANGED FROM TRAFFIC COLLISION - UNKNOWN INJURY TO TRAFFIC COLLISION NO INJURY BY CHP, 2 FAR RIGHT LANES ARE BLOCKED TO THE TOLL PLAZA, GGB HIT THE TOLL PLAZA AND THEN CONT AT HIT THE BUILDING, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:09PM, WHITE TOYOTA PRIUS VS SILVER 07 CHEVROLET SILVERADO, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:47PM, A34-046 WILL STANDBY FOR TOW TRUCK UNLESS ANOTHER CALL COMES OUT, 1039 AAA C# 36556 CHEDAS GARAGE 1 HR ETA, [CHP]-MEMEBER HAS TO ROLL AAA FOR MOTORCYCLE, CENTER ANCHORAGE - SFOBB - West bound 80 - San Francisco, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:31PM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:20PM, A91-010 SMSO WILL STANDBY UNTIL 91-42 GOES ARRIVED ON SCENE / CORDS AND PGANDE HAVE BEEN NTFYD, A91-010 97 ***NEG WIRES ACROSS SR1 // SR1 CLEAR BOTH DOT CYPRESS IS CLOSED DOWN, [CHP]-SMSO LL / ADVISE ROAD COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN VEHICLE VS POLE WITH WIRES BLOCKING, UNKNOWN VEHICLE TOOK DOWN THE WIRES // FIRE HAS NO FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE VEHICLE, 1039 FIRE // FIRE IS ARRIVED ON SCENE AND PGANDE HAS BEEN NTFYD, 91-10 START FIRE THAT WAY AS WELL PRECAUSIONARY // WILL BE EN ROUTE SHORTLY, East bound 92 just West of RALSTON - Redwood City, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 8:27AM, FOSTER CITY POLICE DEPARTEMENT ADVISE VEHICLE IS READY FOR LOCATE, 1039 91-S1 WILL HAVE 91-44T GIVE TELEPHONE FOR STATUS, WILL CALLBOX SHORTLY FOR CHP TO TAKE VEHICLE OUT OF SYSTEM, FOSTER CITY POLICE DEPARTEMENT ADVISED REGISTERED OWNER IS REPORTING VEHICLE AUTO THEFT, A91-044T TOW TRUCK FOR SILVER LEXUS GOOD SPARE PART BLOCKING #3, A91-044T 97 JUST WEST OF RALSTON OFF RAMP, FREEWAY SERVICE PATROL HAS CLOSED THEIR INCIDENT [210118GGFSP00002], CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:47AM, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 9:00AM, ***HIGH WIND ADVISE FOR BAY BRIDGE *** REFERENCE L 1123, ***HIGH WIND ADVISE FOR HIGHWAY 29 AT GEORGE BUTLER BRIDGE *** REFERENCE L 544, ***^^HIGH WIND ADVISORY FOR ALTAMONT PASS LOG 129***^^^, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 12:39PM, East bound just East of - Hollister Gilroy, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:18PM, 170 / MADE STOP ON VEHICLE JUST EAST OF CDF, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 1:03PM, North bound 101 just South of BLOSSOM HILL - Hollister Gilroy, North bound 101 AT COYOTE CREEK - Hollister Gilroy, A23-012 12 AND R5 UNABLE TO LOCATE (CANNOT FIND IT) TURNING FOR VEHICLE SSTOPPED NORTH BOUND 101 JUST NORTH OF BURNETT CHECKING ON T HEM, ONE VEHICLE WAS BLACK , ONE VEHICLE WAS SILVER, PARTY NOT SURE OF EXACT VEHICLE DESCRIPTION , POSS SDS, CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 18 2021 11:35AM, A26-021 VV DRIVER WORKING ON OWN TOW // REQ TOW TRUCK FOR SV 7TH/RODRIGUEZ, 21 / INFO FOR CORDS / 7TH/RODRIGUEZ OIL LEAKED ONTO ROADWAY, PER NETCOM - DEPUTY ADVISES SV IS LEAKING OIL AND WILL NEED TOW TRUCK, [CHP]-PER NETCOM - FIRE AND DEPUTY 97 . That impact caused a chain-reaction crash that killed Amy Spencer, 56, of Colora, and injured six other people. CHP ARRIVED ON SCENE @ Jan 16 2021 6:53PM. WSDOT urges all travelers to prepare themselves and their vehicles for winter driving.