For the primary universe counterpart, see Romulan Star Empire. Known names include Warwing and Deltawing. Engineers From The Romulan Republic Have Looked At - Romulan Tier 6 Command Ship Clipart is a handpicked free hd PNG images. Subclass Designation Ship Name Translation Source Official; Assault Ship: M-4: Vastama cl'Kuba Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. This article includes the paragraph: "The Romulan government resembles the Roman Republic before it became the Roman Empire. Abolition: Lyran DD, Silver Moon County. Capital: Place Names of Rihanssu Origin: Aihai: area of plains outside Ra'tleihfi ch'Rihan: capital world of the Romulan Empire ch'Havran: companion world of Romulus Elehu: district in the Nn'Verih ship-bloc nation on Romulus' north continent Fethraie: a river on Romulus Hartlhei Caves: a large comples of caves near Mhiessan Ihhliae: a great city near i'Ramnau, Weaponry: 2 disruptor cannons; 1 plasma torpedo; 2 phaser arrays, Weaponry: 4 disruptors; 1 plasma torpedo; 4 phaser arrays, Weaponry: 2 plasma cannons, 6 phaser arrays, plasma torpedo. To this end, the Romulan Republic formed an alliance with the KDF and Starfleet to explore and defend the sphere, Dyson Joint Commmand. The military was called the Romulan Republican Force, or RRF. The construction of Romulan names varies by region and class, however, in general, formal names follow a standard format of: Given Name + Locative + House-Clan. Not every Romulan is a member of a clan. Romulan Star Empire - All Ships. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice"), After the Tal Shiar forces on the planet were crippled and the Tholians defeated, the New Romulan government took advantage of the archaeological wealth of their world and begun to reactive an Iconian gateway. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "The Helix", "Sphere of Influence"), Main objectives for the young state were to seek allies and a new homeworld to settle upon. New Romulus (Mol'Rihan) See more ideas about star trek starships, star trek ships, star trek universe. Prior to the Clone Wars, the Republic did not maintain a standing navy in a thousand years, which forced member worlds to manage t… Add new page. Known names include Blaze, Death Talon, and Proconsul Crosus. Romulan ship classes at Ex Astris Scientia; Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Romulan … Romulan warbirds have also been spotted in the following instances: An unspecified Romulan warbird, bent on destroying Deep Space Nine and the wormhole as a catastrophic Dominion defense, was detected while cloaked. So I'm currently doing the "Tradecraft" mission as a Romulan Republic Centurion (current rank) however I am unable to access my ships library files. Kaol told the Leviathan 's senior staff that, although they were still a newly-formed government, they had "already taken great steps toward true independence in … Our goal is to unify the shattered Romulan people under a new democracy, instead of Sela's tyrannical rule. These can be identified from other Romulan ships from their colour scheme - green and purple combined in a somewhat gaudy pattern. This category has the following 6 subcategories, out of 6 total. D'Tan sought to bury the distrust between the Romulan and Reman peoples, and the leader of the Reman Resistance, Obisek, agreed to join forces. New Romulus, also known by itsRihannsunameMol'Rihanand formerly known asDiWahn, Dewa III,andVastam, is the third planet of the Dewa system and the capital of theRomulan Republic. (STO mission: "The Search for New Romulus"), Dewa III had been unclaimed because of high rates of radiation. NOTE: One of the more notable changes is the introduction of the rank of Cohort and Tribune. All Romulan vessels are equipped with cloaking devices unless stated otherwise in their description. Though he often employed the Romulan strategy of deception to achieve his goals, those occasionally coincided with assisting the Enterprise if it proved beneficial for both parties. It is perfectly good edicate to address a superior or a comrade by their main name. Ally ships which remain unusable by the Romulan Republic characters are: Chimera / Manticore Heavy Destroyer (All variants) Peghqu' / Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer (All variants) This conflict ended with the defeat of the Star Republic forces and Praetor Valdore committing suicide as a … The Republic Navy was the naval branch of the military forces of the Galactic Republic that was created by the Military Creation Act along with the Grand Army of the Republic in 22 BBY, although it already held a proud naval tradition that dated back thousands of years to the foundation of the Old Republic. 6 comments. New Romulus Hirogen hunters, hired by Sela as mercenaries, had also been reported on New Romulus and in surrounding sectors. (Star Trek Online website: Season 7 Dev Blog #13) When RRF officers explored Dewa III, the planet was deemed suitable for colonization and defended against Tholian trespassers. They were added in the Legacy of Romulus expansion, and are a playable faction in-game. In an effort to instill tradition with much of their re-purposed fleet, most of the Romulan Republic's uniforms are reminiscent of their 23rd century design. For generating Star Trek Romulan Names simply scroll down and click on the Get Male Names, Get Female Names Button to randomly … : At the end of "Uneasy Allies", various Starfleet, KDF and Romulan Republic ships are taking notice of the third Dyson Sphere in Iconian space. Weaponry: 6 disruptor arrays; 2 torpedo launchers; shield inversion beam. Romulan Republic Admiralty ships Tier 5 Name: Rarity: Type: Eng: Tac: Sci: Bonus: Acquisition: Ha'apax Advanced Warbird: Common: Eng 40 20 15 +3 SCI and TC per EngShip 20,000 • 1 : Ha'feh Assault Warbird: Common: Tac 18 44 13 +8 ENG and SCI per TacShip 20,000 • 1 : Ha'nom Guardian Warbird: Common: Sci 15 20 40 +8 ENG and TAC per SciShip 20,000 • 1 Patrol ships . This ship was absolutely massive. When the Reman Resistance succeeded in gaining their freedom from the Star Empire, they joined forces with the Romulan Republic. Weaponry: 5 disruptor arrays; 3 torpedo Launchers; 3 rapid fire plasma cannons. This page was last edited on 10 September 2016, at 01:03. The fan fiction series RIS Bouteina uses the Romulan names to refer to the ranks of their personnel. From Star Trek Online Wiki. (STO missions: "New Romulus Aid", "Patrol the Tau Dewa Sector Block", "Azure Nebula Rescue"), Captains in service to the Republic also served alongside either Federation or Klingon forces as they served in defense of their new nation. The New Romulans dubbed the planet Mol'Rihan (New Romulus) and begun with the construction of a city and orbital facilities. PikPng encourages users to upload free artworks without copyright. There may be other science-fiction franchises that are known for awesome ships and massive space battles, but Star Trek made a name for itself when "Deep Space Nine" ramped up the action to massive levels. Prior to 2364, no one in the Federation knew what a modern Romulan ship looked like. During a mission of the Enterprise-D, however, they revealed themselves to the rest of the Alpha Quadrant. Ships of the Mogai-class featured several forward-mounted disruptor banks located on each wing and some on the forward section of the ship. (STO mission: "Explore the Flotilla") However, the military soon begun to build ships of their own. A Abdul Gafur: Federation DWL. The Romulan Republic's fleet was built around assets formerly under control of the Kassus family, who like all Romulan aristocrats. Of paramount scientific interest were the local fauna and the remains of the two prior civilizations inhabiting the planet. Proconsul of the Romulan Republic (D'Tan) They have pointed ears like the Vulcans, but most Romulans had two brow ridges of which the top ones are larger and shaped like a V. Jump to: navigation, search. Language: A Romulan mining ship, the Narada, survives and travels back in time to the 23rd century; its commander, Nero (Eric Bana), is committed to destroying the planet Vulcan to … After the Dominion were revealed, a combined Cardassian/Romulan fleet featuring many D'deridex-class war birds under command of the Tal Shiar were sent to destroy the Founders. Download it and make more creative edits for your free educational & non-commercial project. It was defeated by the combined efforts of RRF, KDF and Starfleet. The Romulan Republic (Rheilhhu Rihan) was a breakaway state of the Romulan Star Empire following the Hobus supernova of 2387. The Romulan Republic was founded to create a more open society, but it is unclear exactly how dominant each ideology is. However, in the novelization of the episode, the name of the flagship was retained and mentioned by Admiral Ross. (STO missions: "Cutting the Cord", "Darkness before the Dawn", "Beginning of a New Future") Refugees from the formerly Star Empire-supported Crateris colony agreed to resettle on New Romulus as well. It will help you to generate 1000's of cool Star Trek Romulan Names which you can use in books, novels, games, or whatever fantasy world you want to use it. List of starships employed by the Romulan Star Empire or the Romulan Free State. Most first names are no more than three sylables. Eredh are the bulk of the Ranger forces Private: Farien: No authority, trained in the field, fresh recruits. They have pointed ears like the Vulcans, but most Romulans had two brow ridges of which the top ones are larger and shaped like a V. With the destruction of most of their shipyards, the Romulan Republic has relied on the surviving military that sided with them for their defense. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Explore the Flotilla"), D'Tan, in his role as the proconsul of the Romulan Republic, sought allies and sent out RRF ships to invite Romulan colonies to join their efforts. Close. Head of state: Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Its raw firepower and sturdy hull was made to fight off Federation and Romulan ships alike, and that’s exactly what it did. Many of his followers, including D'Tan, sought to escape the constant fear and paranoia that pervaded the Star Empire and were given an opportunity to do so following the Hobus supernova in 2387. Romulan, Reman Abomination: Klingon D6-26. Biology . Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) Millennial (1982-2004) Generation Alpha (2005 till now) To achieve that, they also invited the Remans to join as equals. Government share. Main bridge (STO website: Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #43), The Romulan Republic was situated in the Tau Dewa sector block but sought to expand into the territory of the Romulan Star Empire. The Mandalorian. Romulans are a species of humanoids related to the Vulcans. The origins of the Republic can be traced back to the teachings of Spock during his time on Romulus with the Reunificationists. The Romulan Republic was formed in 2409 by Romulan and Reman refugees and resistance fighters, opposed to the totalitarian, secretive "old regime" of Empress Sela, and favoring peace with the Romulans' traditional enemies, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. The two names … Dewa III had been unclaimed because of high rates of radiation. Category:Galactic Republic starship classes | Wookieepedia | Fandom. Ships are unpainted, use standard flight stands available from many sources, and, while designed for gaming, make fine display pieces. save hide report. (STO mission: "Beginning of a New Future"), During the colonization, New Romulus became the target for numerous attacks by hostile governments. (STO mission: "Crossroads at Crateris"), The Romulan Republic was formally allied with the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "The Search for New Romulus", "Installation 18", "Skirmish") The Republic was also a major target of Iconian aggression during the Iconian War, to the point that some observers speculated the Republic was targeted with more frequency than their Federation and Klingon allies. Why bound to character and not account? The New Romulans dubbed the planet Mol'Rihan (New Romulus) and begun with the construction of a city and orbital faciliti… In addition to these, the Tholians were interested in the technological remains of the Dewans and Iconians found on and beneath the planet's surface. The following is a list of common Romulan male names. or for married males: Given Name + Maternal House-Clan + Wife's House-Clan. For the Romulan state of the same name in Star Trek Online, see Romulan Republic. Its ranks were reminiscent the Star Navy. The Romulan miner Nero rediscovered his species' dormant abilities during his time on Rura Penthe and honed them through the usage of mind-altering drugs. The ship we got was quite impressive: the Scimitar, a Reman ship design used by everyone’s favorite evil Picard clone Shinzon. D'Tan, former leader of the unificationists, was the first proconsul. See more ideas about star trek ships, star trek, trek. (STO missions: "Surface Tensions", "Escalation"), The head of government was the Proconsul of the Romulan Republic. Continue this thread level 2. Starfleet mission archive referencing ships. It sought freedom from Empress Sela's regime and peaceful relations with other species, including the Remans. The Romulan Republic sees notable assistance from it's Klingon allies. Romulan Republican Force It was officially formed in 2409 by Romulan and Reman refugees and resistance fighters who were opposed to the regime of Empress Sela and the Tal Shiar. These clans form the elite of Romulan society. To be brief, we are a group that was founded by D'Tan to combat the tyranny of Empress Sela and her Tal Shiar. The Romulan ranking system is similar, in many ways, to Starfleet ranking. (STO missions: "New Romulus: Mountain Base", "New Romulus: The Power Source", "Sphere of Influence"), Exploration of the Jouret gateway would lead to the discovery of the Solanae Dyson Sphere and the discovery of a group of Voth who sought to claim the Dyson sphere for themselves. Romulans are a species of humanoids related to the Vulcans. Does anyone know what the correct or cannon … Press J to jump to the feed. Because of this, many of the newer Romulan ships were lost. Games Movies TV Video. Romulan players can also fly almost any ship of their … energy credits This generator will generator 10 random names at a time, fit for the Romulan species of the Star Trek universe. s'Droall means "House of Droall." Seat of government: Location: The proceedings were interrupted when the Undine attacked Allied core worlds in the Beta Quadrant. (STO mission: "Circles Within Circles") With the aid of a turncoat Voth archaeologist named Nelen Exil, the alliance learned of the Voth's plans to harness Omega particles. Rihannsu Military: The Romulan Star Navy is a rare constant in the dynamic and unpredictable politics of the Romulan Star Empire.The Navy and its command and senatorial fleets--as well as the ground forces--embody the militant spirit that burns at the heart of the Empire. The Republic is centered on New Romulus, though it also has several systems and colonies throughout the Beta Quadrant as additional members. The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives this ship's name as Rovaran.. The Romulan Republic was formed in 2409 as an alliance of Romulans, Remans and a few other scattered species who wish to build a peaceful civilization as opposed to Sela's oppressive Star Empire. Subcategories. Romulan Star Empire - All Ships. The Romulan Republic invited their allies, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, to participate in the effort of consolidating and exploring New Romulus. The military headquarters were on New Romulus. With the outbreak of the Dominion War, the show established Star Trek as a franchise that wasn't afraid to throw down and give the people what they wanted: thousands of ships … The bulk of the military equipment was re-purposed material from the Romulan Star Navy. System of government: The Republic was at odds with the Tal Shiar-led Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly, the Elachi, the True Way Alliance and the Devidians. The prefix "s'" before a clan name basically denotes "House of." The Romulan Republic was a Romulan Star Empire breakaway state, or replacement, formed by Romulans. Other available prefixes included ARW (Allied Romulan Warbird) for Romulan ships acquired from the mirror universe and USS as well as IKS for ships received from the Republic's allies. The Bird-of-Prey was originally built for service to the Tal'Shiar, but when the Praetor declared war on the Coalition of Planets, the ship was commandeered by Valdore's navy to … (STO missions: "Beginning of a New Future", "Sphere of Influence"), The RRF initially relied on designs developed by the Romulan Star Empire but later began to build ships of their own. The Tal Shiar operated from secret bases and harassed RRF, Starfleet and KDF officers as well as civilians, seeking to sabotage the colonization efforts. It had at least one forward torpedo launcher able to fire four plasma torpedoes for each recharge.

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