Add any documents of interest using the menu at the top right of the page, and then add a link to the document in the text under the heading below. The party was made up of 90 Calvinist settlers. The history of the Dutch Reform Church has been very much bound up with the politics of the Afrikaner community of South Africa. The free-burghers were in mostly tavern-keepers or craftsmen and shopkeepers. He was placed on a bowerie near Albany NY. A watering station was established by the Dutch East India Company in Table Bay close to the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. It is now common in South Africa. If you see that spelling convention, there's a good chance they're from a French-speaking part of the Low Countries, basically Flanders. But it is of course possible that the names were changed after immigration into the new world.I did find a Michiel Geeft in Amsterdam between 1766 and 1780, though in other records his name is spelled Geef. The history of the Dutch Reform Church has been very much bound up with the politics of the Afrikaner community of South Africa. Um, no one in the USA has my last name, Van Breukelen, and when i search it up on the internet, nothing helpful comes up~ so... what does it mean?? The history of slavery and colonisation in South Africa has largely been ... matriarchs of “white” South African families. Join Geni to explore your genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. Cz. Translating literally as "the young," the … In 1679, the colony had 289 Europeans of whom 142 were free-burghers and 191 slaves. The shipwreck victims built a small fort named “Sand Fort of the Cape of Good Hope”. In 1695 there were still only 340 free-burghers. Today, descendants of the Boers are commonly referred to as Afrikaners. economic history of South Africa. He indicated that the Dutch Gibersons came to the area in 1637. America. and settled in the Port Republic area near Atlantic City. Please add related projects to the menu on the right. To prove that you will have to research his/her ancestors. This is easily done from the profile page using the. hi im searching high and low for the meaning and origin of the surname LOURENS - from what ive found it is said to derive from the dutch, scottish and even spanish. Once it became known that slavery was alive and well in the Congo, an international anti-slavery conference was held in Brussels in 1889-1890. The object was not to develop a colony but to establish a port of call to service the Dutch ships travelling between the Netherlands and its trading posts in the east, supplying meat, vegetables fruit, wine and wheat. Enslaving the KoiKhoi was forbidden by the VOC, and so in order to meet the labour demands of the settlers from 1658 slaves were imported to the Cape in large numbers from Indonesia, India, Madagascar and Mozambique. Were keatons settlers in England?please let me know Thanks. Appreciate you helping me out! But so-called “mixed marriages” are as old as South Africa itself. South African History Time-Line . Apply this search to the user-submitted names Page 8 of the ultimate A-Z Dutch names list, complete with name meanings and origins for all Dutch baby names. What are these and what do they mean. She was from Holland and informed me that Guisbert was a common name in Holland. Frequency: 83,937 people in 2007; 55,480 in 1947. The station was initially staffed with VOC officials, and supplemented by ‘free burgers’ who were demobilised soldiers and sailors who were instructed to grow produce. The Dutch settlement history in South Africa began in March 1647 with the shipwreck of the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem. The literal translation of Van As is indeed "from ashes". A few years later, in 1652, persuaded by some of those who had been wrecked in 1647 the Dutch East India Company's (VOC) established a supplies station at the Cape of Good Hope under the command of Jan van Riebeeck. hi does anyone know if the name albertous coorey is dutch and if so what would be the proper spelling,know albertous was called peter in uk. Meertens' Dutch surname database lists 94,143 different family names; the total Dutch speaking population in Europe is estimated to be about 23 million people. Helena Jansen born 1674 in Leiden, Netherlands Kathy: Usually, surnames worked the same as now, and were passed on in the male line.In some regions, patronymic names were used as surnames. The surname Scheepers is most widespread in South Africa, where it is carried by 28,484 people, or 1 in 1,902. de boor? Project Help: How to add Text to a Project - Starter Kit to get you going! My Surname is van As, i have been told this means from ashes, can anyone confirm? The Botha's have been established and prominent in South Africa since 1672, where the surname is of Dutch-Frisian origins. Afrikaans was declared an official tongue of South Africa besides English in 1925. de Jong. They stayed for nearly one year at the Cape. Thank you for any assistance. About the van der Merwe surname Although this Dutch surname is well recorded in The Netherlands, the USA, and South Africa, where it was one of the very first European settler surnames, it does not appear in any of the standard dictionaries of surnames. Thanks. So sad that anyone in the world … Could you confirm this please. Pothoven most likely comes from Potoven. A potoven is a pot-furnace. South Africans' Geni Landing Site. Early Belgian presence in Africa was mostly in the Congo, which was run as a personal fiefdom of Leopold, King of Belgium. Hi,Some of the Dutch origin names like VanMeveren are written in the Netherlands as Van Meveren (separate words). Sandy: There is a lot of information on the Genlias website, just search it for Barkema..I found three children of Jan Barkema and Antje van der Ploeg: Jacob (17 December 1881), Trientje (23 December 1882), and Martje (9 February 1887)..The family arrived with all three children at Castle Garden on 31 October 1887 (source: Castle Garden website), so I assume "Little Martha" was still alive when they arrived..Children of Jacob Barkema and Martje Beukema: Anje (23 April 1844, married Albert Bronkema in 1868), Kornelis (27 September 1846), Jantje (born 11 October 1849, died 4 November 1849), Jantje (8 September 1852, married Andries van Huis 1878, died 11 December 1889), Jan (7 January 1856, married Antje van der Ploeg 1881), Does anyone know of a peasant named Stuijver that came to New Netherlandfrom Holland in 1664. I learned this after I had spent my first 40 years being told by my family that we were Swedish. Original data: South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970. In 1908, in return for £3.8 million, Leopold handed over control of the Congo to the Belgian state, making it a Belgian colony rather than a personal possession of the king. Hi. de Jong. Can anyone help? Dutch settlement in South Africa began in March 1647, the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem, wrecked at the Cape. Check it out! Showing names from "Bram" to "Casper". Showing names from "Chantal" to "Claire". About South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970. The origin of the name Stolk is uncertain. The Dutch pronunciation of Guisbertson would sound more like Hüspert-zawn than Gize-bert-sin and thus rather foreign to English ears. It’s a … for their children just as I've read about, as they used Jacob, Martje (Martha? The Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa was formally established in 1652, and became the only official church in South Africa until 1778, when freedom of public worship was given to other churches. Finally they were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the command of W.G. In Dutch linguistics, many names use certain qualifying words (prepositions) which are positioned between a person's given name and their surname. But I don't know if any of them belonged to your ancestors, you'll have to do some research to find out. Often used when two people in the same family had the same first… any ideas? On this website you can see how the name is spread in The Netherlands means something like from the east. It costs us an immense amount of time to retrospectively correct all the surnames (South African ones) that gets corrupted by WikiTree itself in this way. As. This collection includes church registers from South Africa. If you have links to related web pages that would be of interest to others please add them in the relevant section at the bottom of the page. Corpus of Family Names in the Netherlands, The Graveyard rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi, Digital resources Netherlands and Belgium, Find your Dutch ancestors on the internet. Hi, my name is Sanne Westera and the name Westera started in the Netherlands at a place colled Kampen.The name means west of the river ( a was a old dutch word for river) there are many changes in the family name, like westeraa or westra. Also, didn't the Dutch refuse to use surnames until Napolean made them register, and that's where we get some of the names from? If someone has the surname Lourens that does not prove s/he is from Dutch descent. The origins of most names are either patronimic, location (town, piece of land, description), profession, nicknames. Jan van Riebeeck was aboard one of these ships. The shipwreck victims built a small fort named "Sand Fort of the Cape of Good Hope". Thank you so much for your help!!! This is because many people from West Africa, India, Madagascar, Indonesia etc. This is one of the earliest settlers surnames of South Africa, being recorded in the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th Century. VAN DER MERWE Dutch, South African While the name is currently very common in South Africa, it originates in Holland, literally meaning "From the Merwe". In 1660, a Dutch ship arrived carrying 150 slaves from Angola. The surnames which were hard to pronounce and write were changed by the rulers according to their convenience. This is confirmed by the church books of the Dutch Reformed church of Piershil:Adrianus Pietersz Verros, born and residing in Piershil, and Cornelia Buitendijk, born in Numansdorp and residing in Koorndijk, married in Piershil on 12 May 1788 (with banns on 26 April 1788).Children: Maria (baptized 7 September 1788), Cornelia (25 April 1790), Pietertje (8 January 1792), Willempje (14 July 1793), Willem (20 September 1795) and Jannetje (19 December 1798).Source: Church books of Piershil.So, it seems that Teunis Verros was his real name (though the name Verros probably died out here in the Netherlands), and he was not catholic but protestant (Dutch Reformed).I consulted scans of the birth certificate and church books on the website. Anything? Hey there. Does anybody know where the surname holland derives from? His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. Walter V. Volker, PO Box 37672, Faerie Glen, 0043, South Africa. During the twenty years of his government he promoted the immigration of new families from The Netherlands, built a new hospital and developed the colony. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. Settling in South Africa . Any direction to obtain the image of coat of arms would be really helpful, thank you. Dank je wel Schatjes! It's not a one time occurrence either, it is every generation! The reference generally also includes possibly the two surnames as many people anglicised their surnames when coming to South Africa. AGETHA f English (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare) The name is found in the Rotterdam/Den Haag region (which includes Hook of Holland, or Hoek van Holland in Dutch), and in the north of the country.If you have more details about your grandfather and his parents we can try to find out where he came from. Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world’s most comprehensive DNA database. If you have any queries related to Dutch settlers please start a discussion linked to this project. There are also several Odendaals in the VOC archives, mostly in the 18th century. The ten most popular surnames in the Netherlands in 2007 were De Jong, Jansen, De Vries, Van den Berg, Van Dijk, Bakker, Janssen, Visser, Smit and Meijer. The origin may have been a farm with the same name, where your ancestors once lived. From this point onwards the white population increased naturally to about 1300 by 1700. Most of the relatives lived in the same region and other provinces close by. Dutch family names were not required until 1811 when emperor Napoleon annexed the Netherlands;[1] prior to 1811, the use of patronymics was much more common. Douwe Gerbens, later known as Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, Project Help: How to add Text to a Project - Starter Kit,,, Dutch names' Pronounciation & Transliteration, A short History of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, Huguenot Walloon Immigration to South Africa, WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page, South African Genealogical Reference Centre, Please add the profiles of Dutch Progenitors - (not their entire families and descendants!) Meanings are provided where known.