Formalism is a method of criticism which “examines a literary text or artwork through its aesthetic composition such as form, language, technique and style” (Formalism, 2018). The decision of having this scene during nighttime may seem like a coincidence, but dark environments enhance the dramatic feel of a given situation. What makes this scene realistic isn’t its theme, but rather the emotional connection the arrangement of the shots brings to the viewers. Realism, started by the Lumiere documentaries, is all about showing the truth. Genres almost always formalist are musicals, science fiction, horror/supernatural, and fantasy. Genres almost always formalist are musicals, science fiction, horror/supernatural, and fantasy. Contrary to realism. I'm working on an essay for class where I take a film and examine how it displays characteristics of the formalist theory. Movies have aspects of both theories, which enhance the themes of the film. Synchronous sound is used to add to the realism of a shot. Formalism is on most cases dedicated to what is real. These are only labels, and rarely sum up matters satisfactorily. The addition and synchronization of the soundtrack used captures the viewer; it allows them to feel fear and discomfort. This modern film theory is used to evoke certain emotions or mental states with the help of technical cinematic facets such as lighting, scoring, sound and set design. This is part of the lecture I give students on the first day of class for HUM1900 Introduction to Film. In the following literary theory essay the author has shown several examples of formalism in literature. N.p., n.d. The second instance of cinematic realism takes as its starting point the camera’s mechanical reproduction of reality, and often ends up challenging the rules of Hollywood movie making.” (Film Reference)  These different aspects will be thoroughly analyzed throughout this essay to demonstrate the importance of formalism and realism in film theory and how they play off of each other. We rarely notice the style in a realistic movie. For instance, in David Frenkel’s Marley and Me, the final scene of the movie is when the main character John, played by Owen Wilson, is forced to put down his dog. These traditions are known as Realism, Formalism, and Classicism. All in all, these theories could not stand alone, they both need elements from the other in order to create a coherent and presentable film. Learn more. These days, it’s fair to say that Marvel Studios films are a genre unto themselves. Formalism definition, strict adherence to, or observance of, prescribed or traditional forms, as in music, poetry, and art. ( Log Out /  However, asynchronous sounds are sounds that are outside of the image and that aren’t linked to what the viewer is experiencing on screen. Formalist films will focus more on ideas, conveying emotions and feelings as well as having more fantastical stories.