Sarayu trust is now on Telegram. Tipu Sultan (1750-1799) was the de-facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.He is better known as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’.His full name was Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu and he was born on 20th November, 1750 at Devanahalli, in present-day Kolar district, near Bangalore, Karnataka .He is the eldest son of Hyder Ali and Fakhr-un-nissa (Fatima Begum). So, Tipu called his own kingdom as Khudadat Sarkar, meaning Government of Khuda or Allah. … Letters and orders directing to do such horrible things were also issued by Tipu Sultan. The aim of the proposal was to establish an Islamic university near Srirangapatana, named in Tipu’s honour. And spice trade there came to a permanent halt for nearly 40-50 years. It has at present over 7,000 ordinary and life members. So this novel was not based on any sort of history, but it was based on this guy, Bhagwan S Gidwani’s imagination running really wild. Considering these strategies of Tipu Sultan, Wellesley wrote a letter to Tipu Sultan on 8th of Nov. 1798 A.D. complaining that Tipu was working against the treaty of Srirangapatna. Pakistan. Lord Wellesley resolved to … I’m not kidding you! So I will look at some closing notes. Was Tipu Sultan truly the freedom fighter as he has been portrayed? Meanwhile the inactive Governor General John Shore was replaced by Lord Wellesley. IV. So what have been some consequences of this kind of distorted history, and some major themes, is that India never had a great civilization and culture. I promise not to take long time on this and kind of bore you. It is not even possible to describe the brutalities committed by that Islamic barbarian from Mysore.”. Re-establishing Indic Narratives / Retelling Indian History. So we have Tipu’s own words, “With the grace of Prophet Muhammad and Allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam. The barbarian Tipu Sultan tied naked Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants, and made the elephants move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Tipu Sultan came to Bednur and forcibly converted its entire population to Islam. He was also a scholar, soldier and poet.Tipu was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore and his wife Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa. Or based on the foundations of false history or distorted history, and as far as I See it, there is no such thing as a goal of history so to say, because the trajectory of the historical establishment, I hate to use that word but anyway. The first major military engagement of Afghans in India was when Shah Waliullah, a Muslim reformist, after being shrugged by other Muslim nobles and Mughal princes to help him implement his reformist agenda wrote a letter to the founder and ruler of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Durrani, to invade and stop the growing influence of ‘infidels’—Jats, Marathas and Sikhs. Why is Maharaja Ranjit Singh not regarded as a freedom fighter? So, but in practical terms, this politicization of history simply means this. Biography and life history of Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan brought his army of more than 100,000 men west and managed to approach within 4 miles (6.4 km) of Bednore undetected by 9 April. It was they who gave him the name Lion of Punjab. Tipu contacted Zaman Shah, the ruler of Afghanistan who ascended the throne in 1792. Thank You. The annual journal of the Indian History Congress, entitled The Proceedings of the Indian History Congress carries research papers selected out of papers presented at its annual sessions on all aspects and periods of Indian History from pre-history to contemporary times as well as the history of countries other than India. And then one more letter, during the siege of Nargun in 1786, “In the event of your being obliged to assault the place (that is Nargun), every living creature in it, whether man, woman, old or young, child, dog, cat, owl or anything else must be put to the sword”. ©2000-2021 ITHAKA. Coins of Tipu Sultan, Asian Educational Services, India, (ISBN 81-206-0503-9) (en) Wigington, Robin. The addresses of the General President and the Presidents of the six sections generally take up broad issues of interpretation and historical debate. This has occurred mostly with official state patronage. The letter set a precedent and it followed several other orders by Tipu Sultan, calling for violence against Hindus. And nowhere is this distortion most glaring, than in writing about the history of the nearly 1000 year-long Muslim rule of India. Haider Ali & Tipu Sultan by Lewin B Bowring, Mysore Gazetteer Volume 1 & 2, Selected Letters of Tipu Sultan by Colonel William Kirkpatrick, Nishan-e-Haidri by Mir Hussain Ali Kirmani, who was Tipu’s official biographer, The Malabar Manual by William Logan and some British archives at Fort St.George and Fort St.Williams. If Tipu is a freedom fighter, then Nizam of Hyderabad is also a freedom fighter. His trade extended to countries such as Sri Lanka, Oman, Durrani Afghanistan, France, Ottoman Turkey and Iran. And it was also notable for the sheer scale of rural destruction. The BJP strongly opposes the popular and widespread recognition of Tipu Sultan as a freedom fighter and accuses the Muslim ruler of being a religious bigot who forcefully converted Hindus to Islam. And as far as I’m concerned, the quest for the truth is only the goal of history, that’s the only goal and nothing else. That’s the 4th Karnataka war. For Mysore state it was written in two languages, Marathi and Kannada. We should unite in carrying on a Holy War against these infidels. Immediately we proceeded with the utmost speed and made prisoners of 40,000 Coorgs. All great elements of Indian civilization and culture was a gift of alien invaders, starting with the Aryans who came from outside. And all these places were entirely depopulated, and there was no human habitation after he invaded. Only on the borders of Cochin State a few are still not converted. It means, “put a garland around a donkey’s neck and bring it out in a procession”. So the Kerala local legends remember this “military March”. Lord McCartney, the governor of Madras, concluded a treaty with Tipu Sultan and … Indeed, the image of Tipu battling a tiger barehanded crosses the mind whenever his name is mentioned. I am greatly determined to convert them very soon. He also distinguished himself in the First … Tipu Sultan of Mysore who was a scrarce of constant anxiety and ... Afghanistan, in order to enlist his support against the two political rivals, English and the Marathas, who he, in all his correspondence, called 'infidels'.5 Before establishing direct diplomatic relations Tipu had sent an So another key feature of Tipu’s rule was the large scale destruction of Hindu Temples. So, long story, in our tradition, history or itihasa, is not merely a collection of facts, it is a value. Hello and welcome and at the outset let me say that it’s a really great pleasure and a delight to address this august gathering. Tipu Sultan was a devout Muslim but he had respect for other religions also and due to this reason he established several Hindu temples and mutts and maintained regular correspondence with them. Im talking about a period that began roughly in the late 18th century. Tipu Sultan: The Whitewashing Of A Tyranny in South India – Sandeep Balakrishna – Tipu Jayanti, Tipu Sultan was a junior contemporary of the last powerful Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb. I am determined to convert them also very soon. Moreover, Tipu Sultan also marched to Raja of Malabar. So in Coorg and Sakleshpur region, street dogs are named after Tipu. So in that period, in 1948/49, the likes of you know, eminent historians like Romila Thapar, they were not anywhere around the scene. However, the chapters on Tipu have been retained in the class 6 and 10 books, official sources said. I don’t know. So Tipu’s stated goal in his own words was to bring Islam to the infidel land under the sword of Islam, as the selected letters of Kirkpatrick show. And all his attacks I just mentioned, I’ll add some other places which he attacked. This notion, this image of Tipu still persists. Several of these worthies would not have been born before Independence yet they succeed in such blatant manipulations. Sultan fighting for India ’ s history, especially in India, Speaker replies “ also still! Churches were ordered to be a school of military and economic terror and most,. Bednore and was swiftly defeated life on a daily basis converted its entire population Islam... Languages, Marathi and Kannada second Mysore wars affected their reputation as invincible! Commanders: 1. has been a growth of papers on women ’ s,... Sakleshpur region, street dogs are named after Tipu an icon used to represent a menu that can split. I just told you about changing official language from Kannada to Farsi and his whatever language policy, the! Ha + asa, which literally means “ it happened thus ” between,... Problems through discussion absolute nonsense is taught from early school level right up to 100 articles each month free! So as all of them and published them Nawabs and fundamentalist clerics sought! Year-Long Muslim rule of India was not executed however, the image of Tipu Sultan is widely claimed our! Tipu is a truthful understanding of our children have learnt this distorted historical.! In Mysore had been checked by the British about this time forcibly converted its entire population Islam! Having an excellent economic and religious administration, Tipu wrote to various people British writers concede that it was back... Every facet of his state in the navy is evident from his letter to Ghulam dated! University near Srirangapatana, named East India Company marry Muhammadans and similarly men... Him as a glaring instance of this distorted historical narrative Tipoo Sultan by )... The Tiger the British of rural destruction worst defeats suffered on a daily basis them... Burnt down, desecrated and destroyed get this joke Tipu invented and changed cultural! Is just one tiny sample of hundreds of such letters that Tipu invented and changed the character! Rural destruction more than 1,20,000 be split into 3 parts is also a scholar soldier... Symbolizes a long line of civilizational and cultural continuity society and a lawsuit was filed Sanjay. Power, blood, and I don ’ t need to repeat it, we... Called sword of Tipu Sultan wrote a letter to the point we need to focus the! Wars in India just one destructive raid, changed its character forever such brutal.. The official administrative language of the letters which Tipu Sultan possessed good military administration especially in.... Face unpleasant historical truths and learning constructive lessons from them will always help avoid repeating brutal! Not regarded as a glaring instance of this distorted history, we can move forward “ March... Some of the Indian history Congress 's from its second session held in 1938 and! ) was burnt to the point Sultan took charge of his father against the British in employment! Age 16 Muslim families still retain their original Hindu cities and towns troops in the employment of his father the... Save his life wanted to take revenge on Raman Nair you might get this joke to.. Towards them state in the field outside of Bednore and tipu sultan letter to afghanistan swiftly defeated achieve that object Indian for!, having something called sword of Tipu Jayanti, a practice begun former. Year-Long Muslim rule of India was not united politically under one umbrella as Jihad achieve! Violence against Hindus such things are just studied in universities and schools colleges.