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5728 GBBB

5728 GBBB5728 GBBB5728 GBBB5728 GBBB5728 GBBB
5728 GBBB
5728 GBBB 5728 GBBB 5728 GBBB 5728 GBBB

Product Detail

5728 GBBB

Price US$60.00

Product Code



Only 1 left



Band Material


Band Color


Water Resistance


Case Dimension


Dial Color


Other features

Dualtime, Calendar, Alarm, Chrono, Stopwatch

Description Specifications

The Charles Delon sports collection offers digital dials combined with a 24-hour chronograph and stopwatch/alarm functionality. The light-weight durable straps make it ideal for your daily exercise routine.

Big and bold, the 5268 GBBB is an ana-digi watch that provides an LED light for the digital display, allowing you to tell time even in low-light conditions. It also features a calendar day and date function and a two time zone setting that makes traveling easy. It has a large 54mm case and a Japanese quartz movement for accurate timing. Water-resistant to 30 meters, it's the perfect watch for an active lifestyle.

Band Width 26mm
Box Color BX120
Box Packaging BX120
Display Analog + Digital
Product Watch
Warranty 1 Year on manufacturing defects only
Case Material Alloy
Plating IPBlack
Movement PC21
Case Thickness 16mm
Type Watch
Ref 5728 GB
Clasp Standard Stainless Steel Buckle
HS Code 9102 1100

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